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Donating to my campaign means you value supporting a candidate that will listen to the will of the people.

I am grateful for all donations and honored you feel strongly enough about my campaign to show your support.


We know the road to success

Anthony believes the primary role of a County Commissioner is to be an objective mediator between a county staff that makes recommendations (but does not have to face the voters) and the public.

A strong and diverse job market should be the goal, if the county wants to create a set of social norms that works for the betterment of current and future residents of Alachua County.

Taxes should not be thought of as a sword, but as a shield instead. Taxes only come when every other avenue has been exhausted. How well a Commissioner understands this principle will determine the competency of that commissioner.



Define Racism

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Infrastructure sales tax ballot measure

Waiving developer impact fees proved to be disastrous. The BoCC is now hoping the
taxpayers will vote themselves a new tax to make up for the developer impact fee discounts
the BoCC is giving to wealthy developers.

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Mission & Vision

You Can't Be A Visionary If You Don't Have Courage

Courage causes great leaders to not be afraid to put themselves in a position to see the manifestation of their faith and convictions.

Anthony's Mission

Make this county run on all cyclinders

Alachua County is like a big fine automobile that has two bad spark plugs. It is capable of getting from point A to point B, and is proud to do so. County government only normalizes inefficiency when it doesn't recognize it isn't running smoothly. Alachua County has become a place where too many are unaware of what an efficient government can accomplish; I want to change that.

Anthony's Vision

Take us off auto-pilot

Florida is evolving and Alachua County is feeling the effects in many ways. The county is facing a set of problems it has not had to deal with before. The biggest challenge is growth; how to accommodate it and preserve the county's culture. New growth is driving up the cost of living, especially in the area of housing. Traffic is another major issue that has been brought on by growth.

Every growing city is going to experience growing pangs in these areas, the key is are you flexible enough to scale up without having to destroy what you've already invested in. Counties that can scale seamlessly are not overwhelmed by new growth; they actually benefit from growth because of the model they've chose to operate under. Alachua County is experiencing growing pangs while stuck in legacy policy auto-pilot mode. To watch the way the county is operating right now is like watching a big jumbo-jet flying on auto-pilot towards a mountain while everyone in the cockpit is fast asleep.

Anthony's workplan

Open For Business

Anthony will hang out the open for business sign. County Government should work hard for the chance to present to those offshore companies that are desperately seeking to better position themselves in the supply chain. Alachua County has strengths that need to be marketed to the global corporate world. One of those strengths is the fact that the county is the most educated county in the State of Florida (per capita). Companies that are looking to relocate, put counties with an educated workforce high on their list. Anthony will make this a priority.

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Lets fight to rid the county
of Corruption!

Anthony says no to shady deals
and unsavory individuals
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