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Ways you can donate to Anthony's campaign and the Supervisor Of Elections rules you must follow.
My campaign strategy is not to try and buy the district 4 seat by out spending my opponents. I know money is tight right now for everybody, unless you are associated with some type of wealthy special interest group. District 4 is a blue-collar working class district where folks don't have a lot of extra cash left over after they've paid the bills. No worries, there are ways to support my campaign even if you don't have any extra cash.

Here are ways you can help:
Use Your Favorite Money Transfer App

CashApp, Zelle and GPay can all be used to send a donation to the Anthony Johnson for County Commission District 4 campaign
This phone number works for all all three apps: 760.212.3726.
I can only accept up to $50 from each individual, so please keep your donations under $50. Please enter your name and address in the notes section of the transaction before submitting.

I DELIBERATELY OMITTED PAYPAL BECAUSE OF THEIR SERVICE FEE. However, if you prefer to use them you can.


You can send a plain old check or money order

The campaign rules allow for checks in the amount of up to $1,000. All checks or money orders can be mailed to:
2606 SE 18th Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32641

Our Candidate

How we use donations

All donations are for the purpose of electing Anthony Johnson to the Board of County Commission - district 4

Encourage personal Independence

Anthony Johnson believes the strength of Alachua County is its citizens. I will do everything in my power to create a culture of self-actualization when shaping county policy.

Works like magic

Sound county revenue management policies are the key to quickly achieving county goals. Revenue management works like magic. The tighter you embrace it, the more you accomplish.

Protect what matters

Your donation will help bring about an environment where all Alachua County citizens can feel safe and comfortable, and have peace of mind with the type of services County Government supports.

Campaign Resources

Running a campaign requires spending money on things...Signs,fees and media access are some of the things your contributions pay for.

DIY campaign

Anthony Johnson does not take your donations and give it to third parties to run his campaign for him. Anthony personally oversees every dime the campaign spends and is involved in all spending decisions.

Grass Roots

Your donations help us be a true grass roots campaign. Anthony is not in anybody's pocket.

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