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Why developers aren't paying

Developers only need to agree to the rules of the comprehensive plan in order to qualify for the discounts the county is offering.

Mixed-use High-density development, Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), Transit Oriented Development (TOD), and Community Development District (CDD) are the different types of development the Alachau County comprehensive plan calls for. A Boston think-tank study found that in an urban setting, the afore-mentioned development types may reduce the need for communities to depend on the automobile as their primary mode of transportation.

The County Commissioners is using the Boston study as a model without realizing there is a big difference between Jonesville and downtown Boston. Not charging developers for road impact fees in Boston or Manhattan neighborhoods can be justified, but not charging developers for the impacts to road networks around Haile Plantation is a different story. There are subways and taxis and ride-sharing service at one's fingertips in a downtown metropolitan area but not in a rural suburban area like the urban cluster in western unincorporated Alachua County.

Currently, the infrastructure money that would normally be spent on roads in the eastern portion of unincorporated Alachua County is being diverted to western Alachua County to make up for the road network impact fee discounts the county gives to developers. Eastern Alachua County residents are paying for road projects in the western portion of the County.

Anthony Johnson

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