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Anthony Says Stop The Madness!

Why are County Commissioners dedicated to following the developer give-away policies that were put on auto-pilot twelve years ago? Ken Cornell wants poor people who don't even own a car to have to pay an infrastructure surcharge tax when they buy things like toilet paper and anything that is not food to make up for what the county gives to developers

BoCC favors subsidizing developers

Taxpayers subsidizing wealthy developers

Discounts for building in Urban Cluster

Urban Cluster is a gold mine for developers

MMTM Impact Fee falls short

Taxpayers being asked to pick up tab for wealthy developers

EXEMPT! Music to developers ears

Pretend there will be no traffic and exempt away the developer traffic impact fees

Do the math on the discounts

BoCC thinks the infrastructure sales tax on the November ballot is the remedy for this blunder

Major Change In Direction

This change in direction was the county's version of Bio-Mess

Staff Aims To Pleas Builders Association

BoCC convinced that developers prefer to pay MMTM style impact fees rather than proportionate fair-share impact fees suggested by State.

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